Getting Started Guide

Installing SX for Skype

Download SX for Skype by clicking the “Get Started” Button

Choose “Run”

Once “setup.exe” is downloaded, you will have to confirm running it again.

SX for Skype installation software will verify and install all prerequisites (if required)

Now you will have to confirm the installation.

Notice: During the beta period SX for Skype installation file is not signed, therefore an “Unknown Publisher” warning appear. It is safe to continue.

The installation of SX for Skype begins. This should not take more than few minutes.

SX for Skype is running. Skype will ask you to give access to SX for Skype.
Click “Allow access” to finish SX for Skype installation

Keeping you safe

When a spammer or scammer contacts you, either by calling you, sending a message or even just sending a contact request, SX for Skype will block the user from contacting you.

If you know this person, and would like like to keep in touch, just select the “Add to allow list” option.

When you receive a message containing malicious or offending content, SX for Skype will notify you immediately and ask you to block the message. By default, SX for Skype will not block such messages automatically, you can change this behavior in the Settings section.

If you’re planning to use Skype For Business SX for your company, you just need to hold a server where you can host our custom extension for the secure content transaction.

More said, our extension is lightweight and a shared server is more than enough, which you can get on even cheaper pricing during Black Friday Hosting Deals but make sure you choose a hosting which offers free SSL and secure hosting solutions for even better security for your applications powered with our SX tool.

Notice: In the current version, blocking a message will erase your entire chat history

Viewing Logs

By default, SX for Skype log all your calls and messages, including the call audio, and messages text.
To view your logs, right click on SX for Skype task bar notification icon , and select “Logs”

You get a list of all your calls and chats. for each call/message you can view the begin and end time, the type (call, message), the user that initiated, and the user that received it.
You can sort the list by any of the columns, just double click on the required column header.

To view a chat content, click on the chat content icon 

To listen to a recorded call, click on the call content icon 
SX for Skype will play the recorded call using your default MP3 player.

Surge in Skype Spam activity

The surge in Skype Spam activity

In recent weeks we have seen a surge in Skype Spam activity.
Here are a few examples caught in our Honeypots

Almost two months after we reported here on Skype spam sent by the infamous Skype user “oem_soft4”, and also after we reported this user to Skype, oem_soft4 continue to send spam freely.

In a new kind of Skype spam, our friend “terra_energy” is offering a free financial consulting.

Security Extension – Secure your Applications

Secure your Skype

The only security product dedicated to SkypeSX for Skype will keep you safeTrack of all your Skype calls and messagesSave all your calls as MP3 files it’s free!

centrally managed version of SX for Skype is available for our beta program participants. 
If you would like to participate or learn more please use our Contact Form